Plasticprogress Pharma Packaging

Clean Room

We took an innovative production layout approach at PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging, by placing the injection and injection-blow moulding machines outside our main ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

Each machine has the injection area and the conveyor belt feeding the main cleanroom enclosed in cabinets, equipped with HEPA filters and kept under pressure with a constant laminar airflow. These areas are regularly audited and certified as ISO Class 5 cleanrooms, in compliance with ISO 14644-1 standards.

This allows for an improved performance in changing and adjusting moulds, whilst improving the higyene and quality of our products. 

Packaging and sealing is performed in our main ISO Class 7 cleanroom, regularly audited and certified according to ISO 14644-1 standards.

Our main cleanroom facilities are under permanent surveillance for temperature, pressure and humidity control, and documented records are kept for 5 years.


Customer Service
Customer Service is for us at PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging of the utmost importance. We are fully engaged in complying with our customers’ requirements and delivery commitments.

Injection-Blow Moulding
Our plastic injection-blow moulding machines allow us to manufacture plastic bottles, tubes and vials of 5,0ml up to 500 ml capacity, with high accuracy in the neck finish and minimal variations in the weight, wall thickness and volume.

Injection Moulding
With a wide range of plastic injection moulding machines, we manufacture continuous-thread caps, snap-lock caps, Class I medical devices such as cups and spoons, and are available to develop and produce any injected pharmaceutical product according to your exacting requirements.

Clean Room
Our main cleanroom where we manufacture, assemble, pack and seal our products is regularly audited and certified to ISO Class 7 according to ISO 14644-1 standards.

Product Protection Solutions
We provide for the most adequate sealing, tamper-evidence, or moisture-protection solutions for your products.

We are available to manage with our partners the sterilization process, enabling the sterilization, physical protection and preservation of sterility, and also to provide an aseptic presentation of our products, up to the point of use by our customers.

Accurate packaging and labelling of our products is achieved with automated packaging systems, and is performed in our ISO Class 7 main cleanroom. We are available to pack and label your products according to your own requirements.

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