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PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging

Looking for product quality, reliability and customer service at competitive prices?

PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging is the right choice for the supply of your high quality, high performance primary plastic packaging solutions.

1 Icon Product Quality PlasticProgressProduct Quality

Primary plastic packaging requires perfectly hygienic products of the utmost quality and reliability – and PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging has all the production solutions to meet these high demands.

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2 Icon clean room plasticprogressClean Room Production

Cleanrooms are classified by how clean the air is – and our cleanroom is regularly audited and certified to ISO Class 7 according to ISO 14644-1 standards.

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3 Icon certifications plasticprogressCertifications

The Pharmaceutical Industry depends on partners that understand and are able to fulfill their exacting requirements – and PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging has all it takes for you to succeed.

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4 Icon injection blow moulding plasticprogressInjection-Blow Moulding

Injection-blow moulding is the best processing choice for producing the highest quality plastic pharma containers that consistently meet the close tolerance specifications required by the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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5 Icon assembling plasticprogressProduct Protection Solutions

You can rely on us to offer the best available solution to ensure the integrity of your product, as we provide for sealing, tamper-evidence and moisture-protection features according to your requirements.

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6 Icon sterilization plasticprogressSterilization

Together with our sterilization process partners, we enable the sterilization, physical protection and preservation of sterility, and also to provide an aseptic presentation of our products, up to the point of use by our customers.

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PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging is specialized in the manufacture of primary plastic packaging and Class I medical devices for the pharmaceutical industry.


Plasticprogress ISO9001-2015

Quality management system.

Plasticprogress ISO15378_2017

Development and manufacture of plastic primary packaging for medical and pharmaceutical products.

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