Plasticprogress Pharma Packaging

Foam liners and Induction-Heat seals

plasticprogress liners for caps

To ensure the integrity of your product, we recommend the use of foam liners or induction-heat seals (IHS) applied to your caps. 

The use of a foam liner provides a clean solution for general purpose closure lining or wadding for your caps.

The use of multi-layered induction heat seals on your caps provide you with a wider range of benefits, such as tamper evidence, leak prevention, product freshness retention and sustainability, and pilferage protection. 

We have an automatic assembly machine dedicated to the application of these foam liners or induction heat seals – and you can rely on Plastic Progress Pharma Packaging to help you choose the best available solution for your specific application.

The application of the liners and seals is performed in our main ISO Class 7 cleanroom compliant with 14644-1 standards. 

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